Video: Both of Eddie Johnson’s USMNT goals v. Antigua and Barbuda

October 13, 2012

Plenty of USMNT fans were critical of the call-up (myself included), but Eddie Johnson repaid U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s faith in him with two big time goals last night against Antigua and Barbuda.

On the first goal, Johnson timed his run perfectly to ghost into the box unmarked to slam home the opener on a beautiful service by Graham Zusi.

On the second goal, Johnson slid off his marker to create some space for himself on the back post to put home the winner in stoppage time off a nice serve from fellow surprise call-up Alan Gordon.

Here are both goals.

John D. Halloran

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5 Responses to Video: Both of Eddie Johnson’s USMNT goals v. Antigua and Barbuda

  1. Adrean Coleman on October 14, 2012 at 12:34 am

    I thought Eddie Johnson was the wrong choice of selection at a time like this,but I’ll happily eat crow.

    • John D. Halloran on October 14, 2012 at 2:37 pm

      Pretty much in the same boat. I thought he would have been a better call-up for the November friendly or the January camp, but I’ll take it.

      Overall, his game was really up and down against Antigua. Of course, he got the clutch goals, but he also lost possession – a lot.

  2. DE Dupuis on October 14, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Yes, nice goals.
    But, put in perspective, we struggled – mightily – against a soccer super minnow.
    Except for the first half of the Columbus Jamaica game we’ve looked pretty poor, for a while.
    We did beat Mexico and Italy, when it did not count, and we were significantly outplayed in those games, the score board just happened to favor us in the end.
    On this form, actually qualifying for the WC would be fortuitous, and getting out of our group if we got there would be nothing but fanciful.
    For me there are two shockingly poor aspects to this: given the American soccer talent floating around the globe, this is the team we are fielding; and, given that we are fielding this team we are playing this badly.
    I was never impressed with Bradley, his approach always seemed like he was trying to get the most from a San Marino quality team – it was safe, but discouraging to watch.
    So I was very pleased to hear that JK was put in charge and talking all sorts of great talking about ambition and possession and attacking soccer. And now, this. Bummer.
    At least the women and junior teams are doing well, in fact very well.

    • John D. Halloran on October 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm


      I think we’re much better against better teams. It allows us to sit back which doesn’t expose the lack of pace among our center backs and allows us to use our height advantage as the other team inevitably resorts to service from the wing. We are particularly adept at this style, something I do give Bob Bradley credit for realizing.

      Like you, I am disappointed so far in JK. Maybe that’s unfair; maybe it will take him more time to get things the way he wants. Maybe the U.S. player pool just doesn’t have the talent to play a more open game. When we play against weaker teams that sit back, we really struggle. On Friday, some of that was undoubtedly the pitch, but combination passing was rare.

      Of course, the one thing Bradley had going for him in his 4-2-2-2 were two “wings” who loved to cut in and link up play in Donovan and Dempsey. And both are/were goalscorers. Klinsmann has only had Donovan on a few occasions and I think we would agree Donovan circa 2012 is not quite the same as Donovan circa 2010. No matter how bad it gets under JK I will never understand Bradley’s continued selection of Bornstein, Clark or Findley. Of course, JK has his own “Bornstein” in Kyle Beckerman and a few other favorites who don’t seem deserving.

      I’ve always tried to give Goodson the benefit of the doubt, but on Friday, he scared the hell out of me. Cameron, despite some good previous performances, wasn’t much better. With Whitbread lingering in the Championship, I think he’s out of the picture for now. Maybe Omar Gonzalez can get the job done, but we are running out of time to find someone should Bocanegra not be able to still get it done by 2014. Perhaps John Anthony Brooks, Alfredo Morales or Will Packwood will develop by then. Or maybe Spector will make a move to center back. Overall, the defense still remains a liability, but we also need to be able to score. So let’s pray to God Josh Gatt, Bedoya, Altidore, Adu, Agudelo, Boyd, Pelosi, Bijev, Shea, Gyau, Mix or Corona make the breakthrough soon.


      • DE Dupuis on October 14, 2012 at 9:07 pm

        Amen brother.

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