The Worst USWNT Fan in the World?

September 1, 2012

Shortly after the USWNT’s win over Costa Rica on Saturday afternoon, this tweet started making its rounds.

The tweet was in response to when Morgan went down in the second half after being fouled. Morgan stayed on the turf for a few moments clutching her knee before finally getting up.

As bad as the “fan” tweet was, hoping for a player to get injured, a closer examination of @VeronicaMeyer9 ‘s profile reveals she tweets these type of insulting messages frequently.

Here are some others.

And probably the most disgusting of them all…

On a related note, the website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness is

John D. Halloran

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5 Responses to The Worst USWNT Fan in the World?

  1. Jenn Yontz on September 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Well said. However, it’s unfortunate that we are ‘rebroadcasting’ this (demented and sick) soul’s opinions. They are vial and I feel bad that this person has so much malice in their life. IT’S A GAME! AND THESE ARE HUMANS! Too root for them to have a catastrophic injury is disgusting! This person needs therapy and perhaps some meds. They should be banned from Twitter. There’s no need for this type of crap…I mean, rooting for someone to get hurt that is representing your country at its highest level? SERIOUSLY? Maybe that’s why Baby Horse is a world class athlete and Veronica hides behind social media at home.

  2. DE Dupuis on September 3, 2012 at 8:15 am

    VM obviously has a blue whale sized crush on Arod, and who wouldn’t?
    I think we can let the fact that she doesn’t want America’s best player to actually play for the team, speak for what kind of fan she is.
    And I think we can let the fact that she spews hate and appears to be torturing a kitten (with the oh so attractive, “Bitch I will cut you” tag) on her Twitter picture, speak to what kind of human being she is.
    The USWNT is so high profile that they must get a ton of this kind of thing.
    If they were making millions a year it might seem an expected price to pay, however since they seem to be playing for 3 parts love, 1 part money – it must feel crappy to know this kind of karma is swirling around.
    I just hope the nearly constant love bombing they get (e.g. this site) more than makes up for VM and her ilk. (After all, we nearly always say very nice things about players we don’t think are quite as good as others.)
    I’m not at all Twitter savy, don’t they kick people off who spew hatefulness like VM?
    And in closing: Alex, Tobin, Arod, Kelly, Cheney, Sydney et al… you all rock, we are with you all- One Love, Peace, Out.

    • John D. Halloran on September 3, 2012 at 7:45 pm

      Did you get to see the game on Saturday? Just curious as to how you thought Leroux played.

  3. DE Dupuis on September 4, 2012 at 5:59 am

    No I was working, the highlights looked pretty good. I was hoping to hear about it from you.
    I think we’ll get a gang together to go down to Hartford.

    I think the VM thing probably demonstrates what Pia really did for the team, keep them happily working together. I doubt that VM stuff comes out of thin air. As an example, Heather O seemed to make a point of not celebrating her CRC goal with Morgan even though she essentially took it off her foot, she didn’t go looking for Syd either who really made the goal. So even though her soccer ideas at times seemed odd (to be polite) she obviously kept the team together, moving forward, and happy working for each other. So, well done Pia, I hope the next person does half so well at that.

    Alex and Syd will rule the world for some time – as long as they keep talking nicely to each other.

    • John D. Halloran on September 5, 2012 at 5:48 am

      Leroux’s goal was very good. Morgan’s through ball was actually running away from Leroux and put the Costa Rican player in a better position to win it and gave the defender a ten-yard head start. Leroux made up the ground to get to the ball at the same time and then muscled her off the ball to go in on goal alone.

      On Leroux’s assist (don’t know if the replay you saw showed the whole clip), she actually passed it after she had blown a breakaway opportunity. She took her first touch effectively away from goal killing her angle. Then she blasted the shot right at the keeper and it came right back to her. That’s when she fed it across the middle.

      I’d give her a 6/10. There’s no doubt that she’s got talent, but she’s still got some developing to do. She reminds me of Morgan about 18 months ago. What has impressed me most about Morgan lately is not her ability to score (she’s always been able to do that), but her ability to hold the ball up, become a threat in the air and her ability to find her teammates in tight space in the box as she draws two or even three defenders to herself. That’s what I’d love to see out of Leroux by 2015.

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