Jimmy Conrad’s latest nonsense about the USMNT – actually, it’s quite good

January 11, 2013

Yesterday, Jimmy Conrad put out the latest edition of “Jimmy Conrad’s American Soccer Spectacular.”

In it, he derides USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s decision to spend the entire first week of the three-week January camp on fitness.

It’s a point I tend to agree with.

While Klinsmann does have an extended period of time with these players–much longer than most national team camps–since taking over, Klinsmann has introduced an outdated notion of fitness to the USMNT.

Klinsmann likes to train the team twice a day (the January camp will be having three fitness sessions a day according to the video), likes to have early morning “empty stomach runs” and believes that nearly all national team players playing in MLS should spend their off-season training in Europe rather than resting and recovering.

In Klinsmann’s longest camp to date, last summer’s “Five-Game Tournament” against Scotland, Brazil, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda and Guatemala, the team actually got worse as the camp progressed–quite possibly as a result of Klinsmann’s training methods.

Ironically, the USMNT’s three biggest results of 2012, the wins against Italy and Mexico and the draw against Russia, all came when Klinsmann had virtually no time to work with the team.

Conrad is also critical of Klinsmann’s picks for the camp, singling out the absence of Dan Kennedy and Dax McCarty. I couldn’t agree more and would also add Steve Clark, Conor O’Brien and Nick DeLeon to the list.

A full breakdown of my thoughts on the USMNT January camp roster can be found – HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy the video.

John D. Halloran

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