How Great Was Sydney Leroux’s Goal Celebration Today?

June 2, 2013

I guess as a USMNT fan I should have some sympathy for the Canadian fans who want to boo Sydney Leroux. After all, Leroux was born and grew up in Canada, but chose to represent the U.S. internationally. USMNT fans, myself included, have never really forgiven Giuseppe Rossi for essentially doing the same thing in reverse – growing up in New Jersey, but choosing to represent Italy internationally.

But, alas, I really don’t care. As much abuse as Leroux has taken from CanWNT fans, including being booed during today’s game, I don’t really care that she flashed the crest at the Toronto crowd or gave them the finger over the lips “Shh!” celebration after she scored the third goal in the U.S.’ 3-0 win over Canada.

Leroux is ours and the Canadian team remains a bunch of head-stomping, blame the referee also-rans.

Update: Since I originally posted this article, I came across this video of things the CanWNT fans were yelling at Leroux. I take back any notion that I am sympathetic with their position in any way. Classless.

John D. Halloran

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4 Responses to How Great Was Sydney Leroux’s Goal Celebration Today?

  1. Danny on June 3, 2013 at 12:12 am

    Everything about this was perfect. First, the Canadian fans cursing off Wambach in numerous chants was disgusting and classless. Second, I can’t stand Canadian fans who blast LeRoux and stay silent about Quon, Sessellmann, and Chelsea Stewart.

    Do I love players switching national affiliations? No. It took me a while to really embrace LeRoux, and even still I can’t say I love the manner in which she switched over. But for Canadians to act so entitled about having her is just ridiculous. Maybe they could….I don’t know, focus on the players that actually play for them rather than screaming “F*** You” at one of the world’s best or booing a player three years after she made her decision and embrace the players they snatched from us? Just a thought.

    I will admit, I love how heated this rivalry is getting. There are playings on this Canadian team I love when I’m watching their club matches(Sinclair, Desiree Scott, Sophie Schmidt, and more) but today, I loved watching the USWNT beat them even more.

    • John D. Halloran on June 3, 2013 at 3:12 pm

      Just updated the post with some video of the cussing and horrible things being yelled at Leroux.

  2. J Willis on June 3, 2013 at 7:21 am

    Agree, was at the game in the US supporters section and there were zero cuss word chants directed at anyone. When Diana Mathewson took a ball in the face and went down, everyone went quiet and willed her back to her feet. Good fans cheer for good players of either jersey.

    Can confirm we could hear the Canadian supporter group (the Voyageurs) chanting “F*ck you Abby” and later, “Traitor” and “C*nt” at Leroux. Syd Leroux takes so much vile misogynistic abuse at games and on social media that it should make one embarrassed to be Canadian.

    • John D. Halloran on June 3, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      Just updated the post with some video showing exactly the behavior you were talking about.

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